Distribution service

TNT 5 steps to start international freight:

Inspection of customs regulations

The lack of knowledge about customs procedures may lead to delays and increases in costs. Be sure to know what taxes and fees must be paid, and issue a complete and comprehensive commercial invoice.

Costs and tariffs

International goods usually need to pay customs clearance. The rates vary according to the destination and the value of the goods. Please ensure that you are fully aware of the items you and the consignee will bear.

Know what goods can't be transported

In many countries, the control of entry and exit goods is strictly controlled, and the goods are at risk of being detained or destroyed because they do not meet the requirements. Remember to verify prohibited and restricted goods at your destination.

Proper packing

To ensure that the goods are properly packed can reduce the risk of delay and damage in transit. It is worth spending extra time packing and marking goods and ensuring that they meet the requirements of specific countries.


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Choose the TNT service that is suitable for you, then arrange the delivery time.

You can track your goods through the "cargo tracking" function.

EMS provides you with:

The scope of international express delivery commitment services: Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea,

the United States, Britain, Spain, France. The scope of commitment covers all countries and regions.

1, seamless coverage: the network terminal owned by the postal service covers thousands of households.

The mail delivery networks of nine postal services in Australia, China, Hongkong, Japan, South Korea, the United States,

the United Kingdom, Spain and France have more than 300 million delivery points and 140 thousand postal services.

Using the postal network can provide you with safe, accurate, fast and the most extensive delivery service. 2,

multi channel information access: the company's website platform (www.11183.com.cn), the national unified 7 x 24 hour

call platform (11183) and the postal outlets throughout the urban and rural areas. 3, real time tracking: through the mail

tracking and query service, we can realtime understand the full information of the mail, and provide the active feedback service

for the signatory customers to provide real time information of mail. 4. Commitment time limit: the time limit for commitment

is calculated according to the way from zip code to zip code. The commitment time limit is the maximum delivery time for the mail

delivery, and the actual delivery time may be shorter than the commitment time limit. 5. Compensation for Delay: Return the charges

for mail when the actual delivery time exceeds the promised time limit due to our company's reasons


1, transportation services and technologies for managing transport processes: from individuals to enterprises, from local to global.

2, track the monitoring and management solutions applicable to individuals, complex global supply chains and all relevant people in the process.

3, the bill in the business process and system to view and save PDF transport invoices and use CSV files.

4, international trade can help you more quickly pass products through customs and enter the market's services, resources and technology.

5. Contracted logistics is delivered globally to inventory and return management, aiming to fully optimize the expertise and infrastructure of your supply chain.

6. Integrated UPS technology integrates UPS technology into your system or website to simplify the process and share it across the enterprise.

7. Sustainable development through UPS services and our commitment to efficiency and environmental responsibility to achieve your sustainable development goals.


DHL Lead Logistics Partner

Benefit from supply chain expertise and innovation analysis tools

Streamlining logistics outsourcing, supplier monitoring and customer contact point management

Get clear operational information to minimize operational risk.

End-to-end promotion of continuous improvement

DHL Fulfillment

A variety of B2B & B2C warehousing services

Seamless logistics management

DHL Inbound to Manufacturing

Supplier management

Logistics optimization, smoothing and synchronization

In plant logistics; instant and Kanban supplement manufacturing materials / components.

Vendor managed inventory

DHL Service Logistics

Spare parts dispatch

Site and back factory maintenance

Replacement of logistics and field engineer support

DHL Passenger Gateway Services


Station handling, box and global distribution

Storage (including storage in the bonded area)

Food and handcart preparation


Priority express service

Provide door-to-door service, and goods shipped in Asia and Asia to the United States can be delivered on the next working day.

Cargo sent to Europe and other destinations in Asia is usually served on 2 or more than 2 working days.


Our professional team will design your shipping solutions according to your specific shipping requirements, including customs and regulatory

requirements. Customer specific operation procedures and contingency plans should be worked out according to needs.

Safety guarantee

The FedEx Custom Critical command center will monitor your shipment in real time.

- FedEx security experts worldwide will ensure the safety of all service points and transfer stations through which your cargo is transported.

Providing high quality services for customers

Cargo can enjoy the privilege of giving priority to each FedEx flight.

- when feasible, the shipment will be delivered earlier than FedEx's international priority courier service.

- delivery can be arranged on weekends and holidays.

To further achieve safe and speedy delivery, a dedicated vehicle will be allocated for the shipment.

The recovery solution has been put in place and can provide relief and urgent check-in during the delivery of goods.

Quality assurance will display key cargo integrity parameters.

Conforming to the strict requirements for the temperature of the goods

- provide air cargo container and packaging solutions to meet your specific requirements.

- goods parts enjoy the FedEx Custom Cr all the year round

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