About Us.Newbecca global cross-border E-commerce

Newbecca is an international wholesaler and recommender as well as a Chinese purchasing agent. We assist our customers to purchase products directly from the manufacturer or supplier,

or from the customer's instructions to purchase the products they see on the e-shopping/e-commerce website listed on our website.

We will analyze the China Market Purchasing Index through Big Data. To showcase the best-selling goods in the Chinese market.

Current wish

Our greatest desire is to promote global culture and commodity circulation,

to give more benefits to China's ordinary producers and first-line producers,

to sell China's quality goods to the world, to provide services to global distributors

and consumers.

Future Prayer

For the future, We hope Cooperate with the world's distributors to sell the world's high-quality goods to the china's domestic market,

so that ordinary Chinese people can purchase safe goods, especially children's products,

so that the real ordinary people can get benefits.

Buy Premier Electronic Product with the Help of a Professional Online Shopping Agents

Buying electronic products online is no walk in the park because there’s always the risk of receiving a product that isn’t what you ordered. Even if you've

found a reliable and trusted wholesaler of electronic products, things won’t stop being challenging until you can understand the product’s specifications.

This is where our Taobao English agents come in. We’re a leading international wholesaler of electronic products and a platform for e-commerce

shopping agents to help you find the right electronic products online without any hassle.

Our Taobao online shopping agents strive to meet all of our customers’ demands, so you’ll be buying products directly from China.

Whether you need to buy a mobile phone or place an order for a new TV, our online buying agents will guide you at every step of the

way until you find the item you want to buy.

Our goal is to make your shopping experience pleasant so you can come back and shop with us again!

Customer service telephone: customer.support@newbecca.com (Monday to Sunday 09:00 - 24:00)

Online customer service: customer.support@newbecca.com

Customer service mailbox: customer.support@newbecca.com

Official website: www.newbecca.com

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If you have any questions, please contact us through all the above ways.