*Newbecca.com is a comprehensive cross-border e-commerce platform designed to provide consumers with quality products from around the world.

newbecca.com is now recruiting global merchants to join our evolving platform. Merchants must have a legitimate corporate entity,

effective brand authorization,good reputation and business status

*Business categories: computer accessories, outdoor sports products, digital accessories, audio and video appliances,

cycling equipment / bicycle / riding protective gear / bicycle parts, boutique crafts, electronic components, tea / tea set / tableware / porcelain,

car accessories, clothing, Home life, watches and jewelry, personal care..

*We use a large user base to make a large number of direct purchases and disseminations through the platform's most

advanced operating model and convenient payment terms. We are your best choice to promote your brand

*For professional teams and leading-edge technologies, we can provide consumers with quality-assured products and services,

and we can help major partners bring brands to the global market.

You can contact us by email to discuss business cooperation.

contact us : customer.support@newbecca.com