How to track the logistics of goods you purchase from newbecca, We provide global logistics tracking number,

The tracking number will be sent to you by email after delivery. You only need to log in to the logistics website and enter the tracking number to view the logistics tracking.

1 you can log in to your newbecca account and view the real-time delivery of your order in my order order details page.

Enter the real time order logistics status inquiry by entering the logistics company's official website system through the shipping number.

2 when you sign the goods, try to check the goods in the presence of the courier. (if the express personnel insist on the previous check and then check the goods,

you can check immediately after the signing of the goods.)

3 Please note:

3.1 is there any breakage, leakage and lack of packaging for express delivery?

3.2 if the above situation is above, we suggest that you contact us as soon as possible and take photos and archives and send the photos to

our customer service personnel so that we can take responsibility for the logistics express company.

4 return freight description refer to the refund note

4.1 The logistics company's official website address is as follows:






You can contact us by email to discuss business cooperation.

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