● Welcome to newbeeca! We will bring you high quality service!

Newbeca sells all products from major manufacturers or suppliers in China, including Taobao, JD and Alibaba! We will provide worry free after-sales service, the most important thing is that our service is completely free!

● Refund Method:

Our way of payment is through cooperation with PayPal, you can use PayPal to pay on our platform! If you need a refund after you pay with PayPal. You can contact newbecca staff by email, and you can also make a refund request and refund instructions through PayPal! And attach relevant photos! Newbecca and paypal staff will review your refund request! Once approved, newbecca will refund you in 2-3 working days! Refund amount will be returned to your account directly!

● Return And Exchange Conditions Are Supported

1. If the product shipped by newbecca has quality problems and cannot be used after you receive the product, you can apply for return or exchange

2. In the process of transportation, if the product is damaged and affects the use, you can apply for return or exchange

3. If the products shipped by newbecca are inconsistent with those purchased by you, you can apply for return or exchange

4. If you haven't received the product for more than 90 days, you can apply for return or exchange!

● Return policy

1. Short lived food and personal underwear do not support return! Please purchase this kind of products carefully

2. If the label and anti-counterfeiting code layer are damaged after the customer receives the product, the product will not support return

3. Accessories, warranty cards and other items that are confirmed or do not match the main products will not be returned

4. Due to the customer's personal reasons, the wrong product category has been selected. Return is not supported

5. Web product pictures and information for reference only. Due to problems such as camera lights and different display color differences, there may be color differences between physical objects and web promotion images. This is not a quality problem and will not be returned.

● Return Time

The customer can apply for return within 15 days from the next day after receiving the goods, and cannot return the goods within 15 days After you submit the return information and confirm the return request by the merchant customer service, the customer will return all the goods to the merchant,Merchants will return the payment to the customer's original payment account through PayPal. Generally, 2-3 will refund the customer in full.

You can contact us by email to discuss business cooperation.

contact us : customer.support@newbecca.com