TOTO Intelligent Toilet Cover

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Brand: Wei Xili
Model: TCF6631CS
Material: Other/other
Color Classification: TCF6631CS Full Function Offline Hot Selling - [Shunfeng Express] Zhendian Blockbuster TCF345CS (Full Function) [Shunfeng Express] Thermal Basic TCF8201TCS [New Product Listing] [Shunfeng Express] Thermal Deodorizing TCF8211TCS [New Product Listing] [Shunfeng Express] TCF 901CS High-end Full Function [Shunfeng Express] TCF333CS [Shunfeng Baoyou] Economic TCF355 [including drying] [Shunfeng Baoyou] [TCF793CS Full-function instant hot money] [Shunfeng Baoyou] [TCF8202TCS [new product launching] [namely heat base money] [TCF8222TCS [new product launching] [tropical drying function] [TCF8232TCS] [heat full-function section] ]
City Service: City Logistics Delivery Door-to-Door
Whether the cover is cushioned: cushioning
Whether remote control is included: not included
Additional function: hip wash female wash seat ring heating water temperature adjusting water pressure adjusting warm air drying nozzle self-cleaning automatic deodorizing nozzle moving cleaning
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