Hot Trolley Track Limit Jump Track Kit for Children

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Certificate number: 2013012202614489
Certificate status: valid
Product Name: Electric Toy/Wind Wheel Series
3C specifications and models: BGJ18 (84 models) Wind-wheel Electric Multi-functional Vehicle World Wind-wheel Electric Cyclotron Aerobic Track Y3105 (126 models) Wind-fire.
Brand: HOT WHEELS/Wind Wheel
Model: BGJ18
Applicable age: 3 years old, 4 years old, 5 years old, 6 years old
Origin: Mainland China
Applicability gender: male
Toy Type: Plastic Toys
Colour Classification: [Manual] FLK60 contains a car [manual] four-in-one track DLF28 contains a car [electric] extremely fast racetrack CDL45 contains a car [manual] rebound racetrack FDF27 contains a car [electric] two-way impact track FDF26 contains a car [electric] three-dimensional rotary factory FDF28 contains a car [electric] Vehicle [Manual Advertising Hot Selling] Limit Jump Track DJC05 contains a car [Electric] CDR08 in Metropolitan Motor Plaza contains a car [Manual] discolored car Science Laboratory CCP76 contains a car [Manual] against Cobra Track FNB20 contains a car [Manual] Baidu Cool Dazzling Circle Track FLK90 contains a car [Electric] Super GBF82 contains a car [manual] drift master Championship GBF84 contains a car [manual new model]. GBF89 includes a car [electric] volcano theme challenge track FTD61 contains a car [manual] round Cup Challenge track assembly set. Installation of GCF91 Including 1 Vehicle (New Manual) Coloured Car Washing Yard Set FTB66 Including 1 Vehicle Urban Police Station FRH33 Urban Rapid Gas Station FRH30 Urban Shop Escape from GFY69 Urban Pizza Store GFY68 Super Special Skills Circuit FTB65
Price: 121-200
Are there any guided videos?
Movements forward: inertia
Appearance: Racing car
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